Build a 6 Pack Variety



Build your own 6 pack Variety with your favorite flavor of Pretzels.

Flavors to choose from:

        • Sourdough Rings (11oz. bags)
        • Original Splits (11oz. bags)
        • Shells (10oz. bags)
        • Extra Dark Splits (11oz. bags)
        • Extra Salt Splits (11oz. bags)
        • Multi-Grain Splits (11oz. bags)
        • Unsalted Splits (11oz. bags)
        • Sprouted Splits (8oz. bags)
        • Sprouted Shells (8oz. bags)
        • Homestyle Puffzels (4.8oz Bags)
        • Honey Mustard Puffzels (4.8oz Bags)
        • Aged Cheddar Puffzels (4.8oz Bags)
        • Wild Buffalo Puffzels (4.8oz Bags)


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