Want to be Part of the Unique Team?

You have excellent taste in employment my friend.

For six generations, the Spannuth family and our team members have been gaining fans by baking our uniquely delicious pretzels. Be part of a culture with a legacy of success that is rooted in high standards, inventiveness, and quality work.

We offer a friendly & healthy work-life and believe in empowering our crew members to advance our products, our communities, and each other. Besides being an Equal Opportunity Employer, our family-owned business has been named among the Top 50 local companies by the Greater Reading and Lehigh County Chambers of Commerce & Industry…so we have that going for us too.

Perks & Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to enjoy tasty pretzels, we offer competitive wages, a great benefits package, and a fun atmosphere that nurtures advancement and success. Our century of growth and success is the direct result of the talent and drive put forth by all of our team members. When we have job openings available, they will be listed below. Feel free to review any job title (when available), and you can apply by clicking on the job title and completing the required information.

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