A Unique History

The Spannuth family legacy of pretzel innovation is a "Unique" story with new histories being discovered every day.


Our Earliest Pretzel Making Accounts

March 1st


1st Born Pretzel

Unique ancestor Hermann Spannuth makes a twisted soft pretzel that can be easily held by a baby as a comfort to ease the pain of teething for his son Johann.

Animation of a baby eating a soft pretzel
A golden brown soft pretzel

September 9th


Celebrity & Knighthood

Hermann Spannuth is knighted by German Emperor Joseph II for his pretzel making prowess to help stake a claim on Bavarian lands. War was averted with Fredrick the Great due to the Bavarian Pretzel treaty.

Head and shoulder portrait of German Emperor Joseph II

to America

Bringing the Bavarian to the Home of the Brave

March 23rd


The Brave Immigrant

Tough as nails Johann Spannuth crosses the Atlantic in a rowboat with only one paddle, the clothes on his back, and one seriously heavy pretzel oven to protest unfair British Pretzel Taxes in the American Colonies.

Animation of Johann Spannuth in a row boat, rowing a pretzel oven across the ocean

July 4th


America Declares Independence

Enjoys Tax Free Pretzels!

June 23rd


French Feud

The remaining Spannuths immigrate to America after Napoleon declares war on them for refusing to sell pretzels to the French Army. Sad and hungry, they lost the Battle of Waterloo.

May 7th


Get-Over Beethoven

Beethoven composes his 9th Symphony to woo the Spannuth Pretzel makers from Pennsylvania back to Germany. Unfortunately for him they stay in America causing him to suffer from writer’s block and never completes another symphony… Ode to Pretzels!

Head and shoulder portrait of Beethoven


Left Brain, Right Brain... Twisted Pretzel Brain

May 17th


Flights of Fancy

To get his reach beyond Philadelphia and get customers the freshest soft pretzels right out of the oven “Innovator” Emanuel Spannuth develops a Hot-Air Balloon/Pretzel Oven Hybrid. On its maiden voyage, he crashes in rural Lebanon County, Pennsylvania where he decides to settle alongside many fellow German expatriates.

Animation of Emanuel Spannuth flying a Hot-Air Balloon/Pretzel Oven hybrid

April 22nd


German Fortunes

Emmanuel Spannuth conceives of pretzel “Shells” to be a German version of the Chinese Fortune Cookie. The concept is shelved because no one wants to read German fortunes.

Three pretzel shells with a German fortune paper

April 24th


Blazing Hard Pretzels

Days prior to the Great Pretzel Bake-off of 1860, the Spannuth Bakery is set ablaze in what is believed to be an act of sabotage. Their batch of overcooked soft pretzels are submitted to the bake-off as “New- Hard Pretzels” and go on to win the competition.

Golden brown overcooked soft pretzel and an award ribbon for first place

A Business
is Born

We Saw the Future and It Was Pretzel Shaped

April 19th


Protecting Our Legacy

Patriotic Henry Spannuth enlists to fight for the North in the Civil War. Prior to leaving he buries all the family’s pretzel secrets to keep them safe from the South.

Photograph of Henry Spannuth, 1st Generation

May 19th


Honest Abe

To celebrate victory for the North, Henry Spannuth hands out hard pretzels to his fellow troops. They make their way to President Lincoln who encourages him to continue as a baker and fulfill his dream. He knew this was a good idea because Honest Abe never lies.

Animated illustration of Abraham Lincoln eating a Unique Snacks pretzel

May 20th


Secrets Lost

Returning home, Henry sets out to reestablish and grow his pretzel business but cannot remember where he buried the family’s pretzel secrets. He spends the rest of his life digging and searching to no avail.

May 31st



While traveling through Pennsylvania, Alexander Graham Bell spots Henry Spannuth in a field full of holes, talking into one of his pretzels like a mad man… at that moment he conceptualizes the telephone.

Old fashioned phone

Go Hard
or Go Home

Word Spreads About How Unique Our Pretzels Are

October 31st


Presidential Endorsement

President Teddy Roosevelt tries Spannuth Pretzels and proclaims they are the only pretzels hard enough for his Rough Riders. They told Teddy that he should “Speak more softly and always carry a big pretzel.”

November 25th


The Uniquely Edible Floats

Local notoriety grows when Paul Spannuth builds an edible float made of hard pretzels that had a brief debut at the first Thanksgiving Parade in Philadelphia. The float won “Most Unique” by judges but unfortunately was devoured by Santa’s reindeer.

A reindeer sniffing three Unique Snacks pretzels on the ground

February 11th


Officially Unique

Inspired by their win at the 1st Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, “Unique” Pretzels is officially Trademarked / Incorporated by Paul Spannuth.

Photograph of Paul E Spannuth, 2nd Generation

July 5th


That Pretzel’s a Dandy

The Dandy Brothers use a unique 2-seater Reading Standard motorcycle to deliver “Classy Wares” door to door. Best-sellers were mustache wax and Unique Pretzels, both considered “the Bees Knees”.

Animated illustration of a double seated bicycle with the Dandy Brothers dressed in 1920s style

December 5th


Prohibition Ends

Unique Pretzel Sales Spike!

September 9th


Dipping Genius

Great Gramps William H.C. Spannuth determines that his Unique Pretzel’s relationship to mustard is “relative” while drinking beers with his buddy Al Einstein. Inspired, he develops the first batch of Unique “Dips”.

Photograph of William H.C. Spannuth, 3rd Generation E=MC^2 equation with a jar of Unique Snacks German Mustart


The Invention of Our Signature Splits

November 28th


The Space Race

After the launch of the Sputnik satellite, Grandpa Spannuth commits Unique to become the first American pretzel in space. The United Soviet Pretzel Laborers accepts the challenge.

Animated illustration of a rocket with a pretzel on it blasting off

April 26th


Split Results

Grandpa Spannuth was splitting his time between a new batch of pretzels and a rocket that could get those pretzels into outer-space and accidentally burned down the family bakery. He found the split-open pretzels that survived the blaze had an out-of-this-world taste! Unique Splits were born as a mistake… uh we mean… miracle of the Space-Age!

Photograph of the bakery on fire Photograph of William P. Spannuth, 4th Generation Enlarged image of Unique Snacks Original split pretzel

January 13th


Dylan Discovers Splits

Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are a-Changin’ is released coinciding with the in-store release of the new Unique “Splits” pretzels.

July 21st


Split Moon Landing

Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human being to set foot on the Moon. It’s rumored that when he said “That’s one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind” he was referring to Unique Splits.

Illustration of a stamp, First Man on the Moon

A Split

Our Split Pretzels Take Unique to the Next Level

September 25th


Gaming Popularity

Unique expands "Splits" Pretzels into mass production to keep up with demand brought on by the ravenous snack cravings of Nintendo gamers.

Illustration of a Nintendo controller

April 1st


April Fools

Teen prankster William Spannuth recalibrates the bakery ovens to run at higher temperatures as an April Fool’s joke on his dad. Pops Spannuth promptly grounded William for the rest of the 90’s, but gets the last laugh and introduces the toasty pretzels as tasty Extra Dark Splits.

 Extra Dark Splits bag of pretzels and one pretzel out of the bag

June 23rd


Condiment Craze

Bemoaning the Major-League Baseball strike, Pops Spannuth eases his ballpark cravings by producing pretzels infused with hotdog toppings. The controversial Mustard, Ketchup, and Chili flavored Splits had fans, but were not a home-run.

Photograph of William J. Spannuth, 5th Generation with bouncing baseball animation

The New

New Leadership and Buried Treasure Shape the Future

January 1st


The Brotherhood

Fiercely competitive brothers, William & Justin Spannuth join the Unique Pretzel Corporation establishing the 6th American generation of Spannuth family pretzel bakery operators.

Photograph of Justin & William Spannuth, 6th Generation

November 3rd


Y2K Hero

Stressed-out over Y2K, William Spannuth develops Unsalted Splits to help keep everyone’s blood pressure low.

Enlarged image of unsalted pretzel

May 5th


Salty Strikes Back

Due to an unanticipated overstock of salt, Justin conceives of and announces the production of Extra Salted Splits pretzel.

Enlarged image of extra salted pretzel

December 15th


Multigrain Melee

A Product Testing food-fight resulted in an accidental ingredient combination where Justin’s Oat Flour Pretzel prototype and William’s Cracked Wheat experiment were baked together forming Splits Multigrain Pretzels!

September 15th


Unearthing Secrets

While dealing with a groundhog problem on the historic company grounds, The Spannuth Brothers discover a time capsule full of old family pretzel ideas and secrets.

Animated illustration of a groundhog eating out of a tin of pretzels

January 1st


Rapid Growth

Anticipating growth fueled by their time-capsule recipes, the Spannuth brothers realize their individual competitive spirits could be combined to dominate the pretzel world, Unique Pretzel rebrands and the company doubles in size within a year.

View of the outside of Unique Pretzel Bakery location

Fresh Baked

Our Most Recent Advancements

April 20th


Super Sprouts

Ancient seeds labeled “Die Superbrezel” were recovered from the time capsule and cultivated into wheat flour for a ”Sprouted” pretzel recipe that tastes great and has amazing health benefits. Sprouted Splits are free of bad fats, lactose, and are Organic, Vegan, Kosher, and Diabetic friendly!

Bag of Unique Snacks Sprouted Splits

September 17th


A Shell of a Success

To develop a new beer-filled pretzel to commemorate Oktoberfest, the Spannuth brothers revisited the 1853 “fortune cookie” pretzel recipe. They tried to replace the fortune with beer, but it kept evaporating when they baked the dough. However, the empty pretzel “Shells” tasted fantastic so they moved ahead with marketing the addictive, but sadly non-alcoholic “Pretzel Shells”.

Animation of a glass of beer emptying and refilling, with a handful of pretzel shells

December 21st


National Treasure

To accommodate rapid-growth and house an expanding collection of Nicolas Cage movie memorabilia, Unique breaks-ground on a new 75,000 sq. ft. facility.

December 3rd


Pretzel Props

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery announces that its 2016 “Snack Producer of the Year” award will go to Unique Pretzel Bakery.

Gold award for Snack Producer of the Year

February 4th


Paint the City Green

Not much is remembered from the night the Spannuth brothers celebrated the Philadelphia Football Championship win, but the next day it seemed that craft beer got mixed into the Sourdough Pretzel dough. It tasted so incredible that they decided to share Pretzel Rings with the world, and in a green bag to mark the occasion!

Bag of Sourdough Pretzels and Eagles branded football



Present & Beyond

Unique Pretzel continues the family tradition of delicious, one of a kind quality and innovation that has pleasured pretzel lovers for centuries. With an eye set on the future, Justin and William are working on a Red Potato Pretzel recipe for a future Mars mission. Talks with SpaceX and NASA are TBD.