Pretzel Fest!

Some things will be forever linked: Philly and cheesesteaks, Chicago and deep-dish pizzas, Baltimore and crab cakes, Reading and hard pretzels.

Perhaps Reading doesn’t carry the same national recognition and caché as the other areas mentioned, but the love affair and connection with its favorite snack is genuine.

Widely regarded as the home of the hard pretzel, Reading, Pennsylvania has more pretzel manufacturers than any other part of the world with seven. Unique Pretzels, one of those seven, has again signed on to be a major sponsor of the 3rd Annual Reading Pretzel Fest.

Scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Reading Fightin Phil’s stadium, the festival is meant to celebrate the area’s rich pretzel-making history with many of those pretzel makers, like Unique, handing out samples of their products. Guests in attendance will also be able to sample a variety of pretzel-based concoctions developed by Reading chefs.

Pretzel Fest