Oblong Tray Wire Handles



Napkins, silverware, salt/pepper shakers…whatever table item you can think of will fit in this large tray. This wonderful gift tray includes a variety of our pretzels, mustard & our decadent Chocolate Coated Splits. Comes wrapped with gift bow.

The gift basket contains:

• (1) 11oz Bag Splits
• (1) 10oz Bag Shells
• (1) 11oz Bag Sourdough Rings
• (1) 11oz Bag Extra Dark Splits
• (1) 11oz Bag Multigrain Splits
• (1) 11oz Bag Extra Salt Splits
• (1) 11oz Bag Unsalted Splits
• (1) 8oz Bag Sprouted Shells
• (1) 8oz Bag Sprouted Splits
• (1) 9oz Jar Sharp German Mustard Dip
• (1) 9oz Jar Jalapeno Mustard
• (1) 10oz Jar Honey Mustard Dip

*During warmer weather, we will no longer ship chocolate products in our gift baskets.


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