giving with a twist

Give Back…With A Twist!

Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc. recognizes the importance of charities and nonprofits throughout our region and far beyond our local area. We’ve created a charity partnership program in an effort to assist these organizations with improving and strengthening the community by providing resources to those in need, building sustainable relationships, and giving back to the greater good. Additionally, we wanted our program to be one that not only benefits charities providing important services throughout communities, but also provides a special benefit to their supporters as well. We hope to find a small way, to invest in those organizations whose goals are closely aligned with ours. Where the primary focus is to better the communities and surrounding areas in which we live and work.

This program is a “win-win” for all participants involved and is a great way for us to show our support of the many important organizations that do so much for so many.

‘Giving with a Twist’ Partnership Program details:
• Partnering charities will receive a ‘unique’ promo code, specific to their organization, for online purchases on our website•Organizations then share this code (email, social media, etc) with their supporters
• 10% of any purchases made using the charity promo code will be donated back to partnering organization
• In addition, supporters will receive 5% off their online order.

To learn more about our program, or how to get involved, please email us at